Thursday, November 5, 2009

Taking control of the mind games part 3: Let him chase you...forever.

Womanizers do strange and ridiculous things in their attempts to hunt down their latest poor victim! 

I'm not sure why they go to such lengths, but it may have something to do with Womanizers living for the chase and not the actual enjoyment of the end-result of that chase - the company of a chosen woman.
Going through the motions of chasing a woman seems to give Womanizers a bizarre high - like a drug addict.

If you want to have a few laughs at some ridiculous Womanizer in your environment, and you're sure that he's not going to stalk you or do something violent, you should try letting him chase you indefinitely!

How does this work?

Example No. 1:
Your best friend has been dating this guy for 4 years. She's madly in love with him, despite the fact that he seems to treat her like crap and make her cry regularly. Your friend voices dreams to you about planning a future with this guy. Out of the blue, he dumps her.....and three days later he's on the telephone to you asking you out on a date!
Your reply should be: "Thank you for the very sweet invitation to go out with you, I am very flattered, but NOT OVER MY DEAD BODY."

Example No. 2:
The office Romeo has slept with about 2/3rds of the women in your workplace, and now, for some reason, he seems to have his sights set on you, even though you're engaged! He keeps looking at you at every given opportunity, making you feel very uncomfortable.
Your tactic: Completely ignore him unless you absolutely have to talk to him. Watch what happens - he'll probably do some crazy shit behavior to get your attention that'll crack your girlfriends up and make them lose respect for him.
I once spent an entire elevator ride squashed up against the office Romeo who stared down at me through the entire minute that we were in the elevator together. I kept reading my paper. He stared so intently and for so long that the woman he was hanging out with burst out laughing. 

Womanizers are very good at making themselves look like fools because they're not as aware of social rules as normal human beings are.

Example No. 3: The womanizer you've been dating for a while now still hints that you and he are not really having a "monogamous" relationship, and that you're not really his "girlfriend." Despite this, he still begs you to do the deed with him!!
Your tactic: Tell him that you won't have sex until you're engaged, and, oh, by the way, Tom asked you for a date on Saturday night, and, since you're not in a "monogamous" relationship,  you thought it would be okay to say yes. If this doesn't knock some sense into your stupid Womanizer to up your status to Official Girlfriend, then he's just an idiot and you don't want to have sex with him anyway!

Example No. 4: You thought you were the Womanizer's Official Girlfriend, and that you were having a monogamous relationship, but you can't seem to reach him on his cell phone when he goes out with his buddies!
Your tactic: Monitor your phone calls for the next two weeks, and don't answer any of his calls! If he wants YOU to pick up, HE'D better pick up too! Otherwise, you are unavailable.

Remember, girlfriend, you only get involved with men who have a heart!


Taking control of the mind games part 2: Drop him!

The fastest way to get a man who is asking for his space to miss you is to give him more space than he wanted.

You see, men like a challenge! Especially heartless Womanizers who mostly exist just for the chase.

Needy women who hang around a man constantly and give off the impression of basing their happiness upon his opinion of them are freaking scary to men!

Imagine how you would feel if there was a guy in your life who was constantly calling, emailing, buying you gifts and letting you date other men at the same'd feel like he was missing his frontal lobe!!

Womanizers don't know exactly how to react when a woman in their environment leaves them alone.

They're used to being the center of attention with women a woman who doesn't take up his time, nor make a fool of herself around him, immediately stands out as being different from the rest of the ladies.

Does your Romeo, the love of your life, the best-looking man you've ever seen, want some time off to sleep with your cousin?!! Do a fast disappearing act - no more emails, no more telephone calls, no more accidental crossings of paths! You have a busy, productive life to lead - you don't need his crap in your life! Plus, there are other men out there who want to date you!!

Even if you are going through a dry spell in life - no other cute men around, you hate your job, or various other life problems are making you feel very needy for the Womanizer's company - remember that Womanizers tend to behave in predictable patterns that will yet-again hurt you. You have to ask yourself how many times you want to be treated like a fool in life!

Give off the impression of having an exciting life, one that doesn't necessarily involve him, and he will become very curious about you.  If he has dumped you, maybe he will come crawling back asking for more.  Then you will be in a position to decide whether YOU want him back or not.

Not paying attention to a Womanizer works wonders for a number of intentions:

  1. attracting his attention initially,
  2. punishing him with your absence if he has hurt you,
  3. setting yourself apart as a self-sufficient, confident, exciting woman who has other options,
  4. moving on with your life!!

Don't be a sucker, don't hang around him if he is behaving like a heartless asshole!!
You deserve much better than that in your life, and you simply don't have the time for pain, confusion and lies from him!!

Leaving him alone also gets easier with time.
The less time you spend with him, the more time you will have available for meeting new people, and new romantic partners.  Your newly-found peace of mind for not having the Womanizer around will make you wonder what you saw in him in the first place!

Don't tolerate rotten behavior from other people. 
If your womanizer is taking away your peace of mind, drop him!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How To Handle A Womanizer

Hilarious tips on how to deal with a womanizing bastard, suggested by a man!!

How To Handle A Womanizer

Quote of the day:

"Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value."
— Albert Einstein

Beautiful quote, shame he was such a womanizer.... 

Why it is important to have Womanizers in this world: 5 reasons!

  1. We need stories to laugh about when we're having a shitty day at work.
  2. We need stories to laugh about when we're having a girls night out.
  3. To make our ex-boyfriends jealous.
  4. Once in a blue moon we want to have meaningless sex, and they are cheaper than hiring a gigolo.
  5. After our horrific experiences with them, we finally grow up and marry honest, good men.
I can't think of any more reasons - they're pretty useless.

Any more reasons, ladies? I would love to hear from you.

Sex with a Womanizer...really that great??

In the 2009 movie 'Funny People', Adam Sandler plays George Simmons, a stand-up comedian who has no problem bagging and bedding hot chicks after his performances.
His newly-hired personal assistant is astonished at his success with women, and asks George about his techniques. 
"Don't worry," George tells his assistant, "they always leave dissatisfied."

The belief that womanizers are sexual athletes may actually be a huge misconception, a misconception that leads to womanizers getting even more sex than they deserve. Maybe you ladies out there can email me and tell me some of your own stories...

It is my experience that good sex, really good sex depends upon both you and your partner being able to empathize with one another's experiences. Being able to empathize with your partner during sex allows you to detect the difference between a pleasurable stroke and a painful one.

Womanizers are characterized by their lack of empathy for others! They bed and leave women, sometimes tricking the woman into believing that they are in love with her. Sometimes they are so lacking empathy that they qualify for personality disorders!
The "bedding" is often fast and furious. Don't get me wrong, they want you to have the best time of your life with them, the loudest orgasm ever....but they just don't really have the empathic skills necessary for making phenomenal love.

One outrageous womanizer I fooled around with one evening plumbed my delicate regions with his fingers so fast and furiously that I thought he was digging for oil, or drilling a hole in the road during rush hour traffic! He was unable to make me orgasm without my assistance, but still had the audacity to croon to me afterwards that he hoped that he had given me a special night that I would always remember! Yeah, right, buddy - I got better foreplay when I was 15!

Another womanizer friend I used to have spent so much effort trying to get me to sleep with him that I finally gave in. He was in such a rush to finally consummate his lust that he ended up talking me into doing it in the back of his car. It was over in 2 minutes, it felt awful, and I got leg cramps.

Another womanizing boyfriend I had in college came crawling back to me one evening, sobbing on my shoulder that the woman he'd left me for hadn't turned out to be a very nice person after all. I hadn't had sex in a while, and, thinking what the hell, went back to his place to remind myself of what I was missing. Oh boy, what a waste of time!! I should have stayed home with the vibrator. No orgasm, not even a zing. Bad, bad, bad sex.

There are reasons why women own vibrators until the right, sweet guy comes along:
Vibrators don't cheat on you, they don't burp in your face after sex, they don't fail to make you come, they don't borrow your money and drink all the alcohol in your apartment, they don't ask you to make dinner and then fail to show up.

Then when Mr. Sweet and Wonderful finally does come along, I promise you that the sex will be so much better!!

Take my husband for example... he had only ever had sex with one woman before myself.
I was worried.
Nevertheless, sex with him was instantaneously the best sex I'd ever had!!!
He took his time, he didn't mind spending an hour kissing my nipples, and two hours down there if necessary to make me cum. He refuses to do quickies - he doesn't like to orgasm unless I am orgasming also! Sorry, ladies, he's not for rent!!

Hang in there girls, no sex is better than awful, demeaning, heartless sex, and Mr Nice Guy will show up soon, I promise. ♡

How to have a relationship with a Womanizer (if you must)!

Okay, okay, so I know how we ladies are...

Sometimes we have to pursue a silly fantasy, or long-held dream, through to its sordid end before we understand that things are not going to work out the way we were hoping.
Sometimes scorned women have done crazy things to completely end their lives, like commit suicide, or murder their womanizing boyfriend!!
Most of us however destroy our lives in more subtle ways after having an encounter with a womanizer...we spend yet more years of our lives unable to trust men, we turn away sweet men who don't quite excite us as much as the Womanizer did, we kid ourselves that the bastard will come back for us after he's done with Susan, Sally, and Monique....

Well, if you just have to have that relationship with him, or else you will not feel as though you have truly lived life, here's the only way it can be done:

Mentally prepare yourself for months of smooth seduction, deceit, and abandonment...and date three other men at the same time.

Very simple right? Let's review:

Mentally prepare yourself for months of smooth seduction, deceit, and abandonment...and date three other men at the same time.

Did that sink in? I know, I know,  it is a difficult reality to face!
So let's go over it just one more to have a relationship with a Womanizer:

Mentally prepare yourself for months of smooth seduction, deceit, and abandonment...and date three other men at the same time.

Still thinking you can beat the odds? Make Prince Charming fall in love with you? Make Zorro put down his crafty sword and start home-making with you? After all, you are so much more special, understanding, and beautiful than all the other women he's ever slept with... so let's go over it one final time:

Mentally prepare yourself for several months, if not years, of lies, omitted truths, cheating, STDs, and cheesy pick-up lines... and date three other men at the same time to keep yourself sane.

Got it? Good. You're in charge now, sister.☺